Over the past few years, Nairn has worked with over 50 000 professionals and community members from a diverse range of backgrounds and sectors across Australia as well as in New Zealand, Asia, the United Kingdom and in the United States.

We have lots of quantative and qualatative feedback about what a transformative experience this has been for many, and how much people have appreciated her professionalism, expertise, humour, warmth, sincerity and her capacity to touch people and shift understandings in very deep and profound ways. Below are a few samples for your perusal.

If you’d like to know more, please contact Shane in our office at [email protected] or give him a call on+61 (0)3 6328 1174, and he will be happy to do his best to provide you with what you may be looking for.

Our recent 2-day Bridges out of Poverty workshop was the third workshop Nairn Walker has delivered in our Shire. There are some very good reasons why we keep bringing Nairn back and the following is a list of the very good reasons why Nairn’s workshops are truly memorable –

  • Her presentation is always inspirational and full of those ‘aha’ moments
  • Nairn’s communication style is very engaging and effective.
  • She exudes energy and enthusiasm in front of a microphone and in one-to-one chats with participants
  • The presentation is organised into chunks of information which makes it easier for participants to remember the information
  • Nairn clearly loves her topic and presents with passion
  • She uses personal experiences, tells stories and entertains to take participants on a journey of discovery
  • She makes a strong link between the theory and day-to-day practice
  • Take-home messages are easy to remember

Arranging workshops through Social Solutions has been simple and hassle free. Nairn and Shane are incredibly down to earth and an absolute delight to work with. I cannot recommend them highly enough.’

Marg Kent, Place Manager – Central Goldfileds Shire, VIC – October 2012

‘Thanks for your follow up re the ‘Bridges out of Poverty’ workshop held recently at the Norlane Community Centre. This was a terrific day and we were very fortunate to have Nairn present to us as part of the program.

The workshop provides a positive framework from which to consider poverty and disadvantage, and there is no doubt that participants gained new knowledge, information and understanding around these issues. Some responses from participants were:

  • So impressed by this workshop. It has given me a new perspective on the multitude of issues facing the disadvantaged. Also quite confronting in parts. I now have an even deeper respect for those who are involved in this sector
  • What can I say about Nairn? She pushed, challenged, analysed and made me confront some very difficult topics in a meaningful, respectful and entertaining manner. Personally, the hidden rules discussion made me question how I interact with people and ways in which I should better understand their own “game”
  • That we had Nairn for this workshop was a privilege…. and the content, otherwise known to me, has resonated even more profoundly as a result of her deep knowledge, wisdom and outstanding presentation style
  • Nairn was extremely knowledgeable and engaging! She got everyone involved and enabled us to relate to what she was talking about

Please pass on our thanks to Nairn for her ongoing interest and support.’

Rosemary White, Program Facilitation & Development Manager – Committee For Geelong – September 2012

‘On Sat I had a lunch with my family at a local restaurant & a woman tapped me on the shoulder saying “Marg weren’t you at the PD yesterday…. It was fantastic I was so impressed… it was one of the best I’ve ever attended”. My daughter from Melb was most impressed, saying feedback “doesn’t come much better than that; passionate, spontaneous, positive!!!”

The Speechies are very impressed & feel they will be able to ‘leverage’ off the work that was presented. …. “Why does it always have to come from other people…why won’t they hear it from us???”

Other comments cover much the same feedback, fantastic workshop, great information, one of the best workshops, really useful etc etc

Another manager said the Koorie staff had come into work this morning ‘raving’ about the day & planning some follow up information to share with others.

Another student services person was heard to say “I really need to have a debrief, I’ve got so much information going through my head!”

I think you’ve probably got the general idea that it was a huge success & created lots of follow up discussion.’

Marg Bolton, Senior Program Officer – Drug Education & Student Wellbeing, DEECD Grampians Region VIC
August 2012

Nairn’s presence at the 2012 Emergency Relief Conference was a resounding success. The content of her material was SO VERY RELEVANT and the feedback and conversation post discussion was so positive and inspiring. Nairn has a beautiful gentle manner and her interaction with our participants was so beneficial and respectful to all.

Christine, Lutheran Community Care, South Australia – May

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Thanks Shane… It went brilliantly. Nairn is a very engaging speaker. It was a very relevant PD day for our staff given our context here. Thanks for all your assistance in getting Nairn to Kalgoorlie, much appreciated.

John Foeken, Deputy Principal
Kalgoorlie-Boulder Community High School – April 2012

The first training day was fantastic and the feedback from those who participated has been very positive. Nairn’s presentation style and the information and concepts presented really struck a chord with many. We are looking forward to the next session in July and very much appreciate Nairn coming to Shepparton for this training.

Belinda Whitelaw
Best Start Municipal Early Years Project Officer
Greater Shepparton City Council
April 2012

I had many emails last night and this morning saying how inspirational and enjoyable it was. Nairn’s contribution was such an important part of the puzzle that we hope will bring about a greater awareness of oral language and RP. It was so memorable to watch our talented speakers coming together to share their work and discuss ways to collaborate to embed a new way of dealing with the issue of access to RP process.

Many thanks again Nairn,
Lee – DEECD, Bendigo – November 2011

Dear Nairn,

Thank you so much for you great 2 day presentation at the Bridges out of Poverty Workshop recently held at Bridgewater.

Though I have been Case Managing for Workskills for more than 7 years, I learned so much in those two days. I learned many things not only about my clients, but about myself too.

Everything made sense and was believable. I have recommended (through the Feedback system at Workskills Employment Solutions) to our Quality Control Manager that all persons in our Corporation (including board members) have the opportunity to attend a Bridges out of Poverty Workshop. I hope that it is actioned so that a better understanding from all levels can be achieved for all.

Thanks once again,

Kate -Workskills Employment Solutions, Tasmania – September 2011

We were really happy about the presentation. Nairn was very professional and personal and the whole room of 420 teachers engaged beautifully. We have had an enormous amount of anecdotal feedback – all positive… thanks so much and all the best.

Social and Emotional Wellbeing Project Officer
Partnership Project Team
Dept Education, Queensland.

Framework for Understanding Poverty Workshop: January 2011

I have had very positive feedback about Nairn’s presentation from staff at my school and others who attended. I have received email from the other principals thanking us for putting it together. I also had teachers drop into my office the following day and thank me for arranging the presentation. Some of these were the ones who would have complained about losing their ‘preparation’ day. …Thanks again for the presentation; Nairn really impressed the people who attended. She is passionate about her work and one of the best presenters I have worked with in some time.

Craige Pettit, Principal
Bunbury Senior High School

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