Getting Ahead is both a workbook and an experience.

Nairn and Phil deVol 2013 cropPhilip DeVol, co-author of Bridges Out of Poverty, is pictured here with Social Solutions Trainer Nairn Walker on his recent visit to Australia where he met with a number of Getting Ahead Facilitators and Graduates to talk about and learn from their experience. He created the Getting Ahead material through years of collaboration with people on their journey out of poverty as they developed their resources in order to do just that: ‘Get Ahead’.

It is a powerful curriculum that introduces people to the Bridges constructs using a range of highly effective mental models that support people to learn about and further develop their own resources and strategies. Participants, called Investigators, work in groups to examine the impact of poverty on themselves and their communities and to explore the world through the lens of economic class.

This program is facilitated by a Co-Investigator, and the Getting Ahead Facilitator Training prepares you to support participants through this course.

The curriculum can be offered to people through/to:9781741708790

  • pre-vocational employment courses,
  • drug and alcohol recovery programs,
  • parent engagement courses at schools and playgroups,
  • Neighbourhood Houses,
  • Sporting Associations,
  • Secondary and senior secondary school students,
  • Church communities
  • Health Centres, and many other
  • Community Agencies and Organisations.

Please note that the pre-requisite for an individual to do this Facilitator Training is completion of Days 1 & 2 of Bridges Out of Poverty. This then qualifies that person to conduct Getting Ahead courses for their agency or organisation in communities.
The more practitioners in a town or region who have completed Bridges training, the better, as this naturally tends to mean there is a heightened recognition of some of the issues impacting people on their journey, and that practitioners and communities will have a common language and framework to inform their efforts. Please note, though, that it IS NOT necessary for anyone else in a community to have attended a Bridges training for a person who has completed the Getting Ahead Facilitator course to offer this program to people.

The Getting Ahead Facilitator course can be completed in one (introductory) or two (more in-depth) days, and is a pre-requisite that must be completed before facilitating a Getting Ahead course.


Completion of this course gives you full access to the Getting Ahead Network website which shares tools, experiences and the inspiration needed to prepare ourselves for ending poverty and building communities where everyone can do well.

There are lots of Getting Ahead Success Stories here in Australia… click here to learn more.


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